Hundreds of thousands of people receive little or no treatment for their mental ill health from the NHS. If you are lucky enough to receive help, the waiting list time will be months, sometimes years. 

Seventeen people a day die by suicide in the UK, and many more consider, attempt, or otherwise struggle with their own inner turmoil. 

This is not acceptable, and blink’s mission is to provide rapid professional and peer support when people need it most 

What does this mean?  

We want to set up a bank. A bank of money and of time. We like to call this our Blink Bank. We'll use this to provide free or heavily reduced cost therapy to people who have been let down by their local services. We'll be able to get treatment for those who need it, thanks to the time volunteered by passionate mental health professionals, and donations made by you. 

We will do more than this though, as our campaign develops; so follow us on Facebook, twitter, or insta. And if you're not into that, feel free to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know what we are doing!