An Introduction to Blink, and our Founder Mike

Hey! I’m Mike, the founder of blink and I’d like to share my mental health story with you.

My journey so far is relatively short at around 18 months. It began when I started feeling a little bit sad. Mixed feelings really. I didn’t know why I felt that way but I was sure the feeling would pass. Unfortunately, it didn’t. The sadness felt almost constant, there by my side.

The feelings of sadness, worthlessness and disassociation got worse. I felt lost. The way I felt was starting to affect my daily routine. That’s when I thought I might be going through a bit more than just ‘feeling sad’.

I didn’t seek help for months. Why? Because I was embarrassed, ashamed and confused. I was married to a beautiful, loving wife. I had a good job. We had a dog and owned a house. I thought, what reason have I got to be depressed? And, if I didn’t know why I was feeling like that, how could a professional help me?

Asking for help or admitting I was depressed was a hard, but important, first step. My doctors were amazingly supportive. So, if you’re feeling like you need advice or guidance, please speak to someone.

Since then, my journey hasn’t been easy. I’ve spent time in NHS wards and at the renowned Priory Hospital.  Although both services did their best, it can be tricky to access rapid NHS support and, private treatment can be unaffordable for many.

This is where the idea of blink was born. We cannot offer them yet, but the plan is to provide rapid, professional connections to people with mental health issues in critical times of need.

Thank you for joining the blink community. Your support means a lot. Together, in time, we will make a difference to the world of mental health.

Oh, and If you feel comfortable sharing your mental health story, or would like to be a ‘guest blogger’ please get in touch.